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An experiential application designed to increase engagement with posts in favor of Israel and to report posts against Israel, using a user-friendly game.

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Holiday Horror Story

An original production in which we bring the story of the attack using authentic materials that will be uploaded to Instagram.

Coming soon...

War Time Voices

A series of podcasts highlighting events from the war from various viewpoints in multiple languages.

Listen to podcasts:

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International field projects

A guerrilla team from the HQ arrange installations around the world.  Amassing support from students, community leaders and collaborators.

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Documenting the war

A unique commemoration project of historical significance that documents in-depth filmed interviews with survivors, relatives of the kidnapped, missing, and murdered.

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National advocacy chatbot

With information sourced from a multitude of certified platforms which answers all questions relating to the Israeli - Palestinian conflict. Whilst keeping the Israeli narrative.

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And more

תכנית הכשרות חוץ

External training program

A team of lecturers from the headquarters who give lectures in Israel and around the world, to individuals and organizations on the subject of Israeli advocacy, providing them with tools.

"רואים רחוק"

Roim Rachok Program

A unique development team of about ten members on the autism spectrum who participate in the development of technological projects at the headquarters.

כותבים את ההיסטוריה

Writing history

Development of technological tools that help Wikipedia editors identify and edit false anti-Israel pages

שגרירים ברשת

Ambassadors on the Net

Increasing organic exposure and engagement for pro-Israel posts on social networks with the help of volunteers.

ניטור מגמות

Trend monitoring

A unique team whose purpose is to understand the trends on the internet, the leading hashtags, keywords, and the public's reactions to various initiatives.

"חדשות טובות"

Good News

An initiative to boost the morale of the people by providing a platform for stories of heroism, volunteer organizations, and positive content.

Media Guard

Media Guard

The team who manage a database containing over 2 million publications, both for and against Israel from across all social networks. With the benefit of the database, we have the ability to operate in a variety of methods to promote Israeli advocacy.

Media Analysis

Media Analysis

The team who analyze information collected across social networks. They build advanced analytics to increase the virality of the posts based on the leading hashtags, measuring virality and tracking trends in the network.

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